Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Shane Warne’s death from a suspected heart attack has come as a wake-up call for middle aged-men. The touch of a cricketer.

Sporting and political debacles don’t come much bigger, louder or more global in interest. Novak, Novax, Novisa.

The coronavirus has leapt out of its urban cage into remote indigenous communities in Australia’s Northern Territory. An outback conspiracy.

The Prime Minister of Australia got a sympathetic hearing. Discussions were kept secret. On September 15th, AUKUS was made public.

Renewables tipped to overtake fossil fuels by 2030. The Glasgow climate summit is an immediate opportunity for Australia to advance intelligently.

After 18 months do we still trust the apparently unquestionable, but inconsistent medical advice? Will we follow these people for another year? Covid-Zero: was it worth it?

We don’t allow content that denies the existence of Covid-19 or that encourages people to use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus.

Previous day’s protests were selfish and self-defeating. It achieves no purpose. It won’t end the lockdown sooner.

Covid-19 vaccine information in your language. How to get vaccinated.

A new law in 2017 requiring registration of foreign lobbyists and banning foreign donations to political parties, the 5G ban on Huawei in 2018, a federal police raid on four Chinese state media journalists, and last year’s call for an independent inquiry with weapons inspector powers into the origins of the Wuhan outbreak of Covid-19.

Australia shows the way. It’s the job of governments not big tech to run democracies.

That is how you win, no spread, no nothing, no chance for the virus to get into the community and ruin the lives, kill people and the economy.

Please know that singing, dancing, even speaking loudly and mingling really accelerate the virus spreading and we ask everybody, please, be sensible this year.

Countries hit by second waves of Covid-19 are seeing huge numbers but lower death rates. Why? Are we just getting better at treating the virus or could it already be mutating into something milder?

Melbourne is emerging as a world leader in disease suppression alongside places including Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Een vlucht van zeven uur zonder eindbestemming. De kaartjes waren in 10 minuten allemaal weg.

Along with getting a flu shot, Redfield urged people to wear masks, social distance, wash their hands and be smart about crowds.

Coral bleaching was detected in a usually healthy reef off Australia’s north-western coast earlier this year. How could they survey the reef without being able to travel there? The Covid-19 challenge!

Victoria, the second most populated state in Australia, has just declared a State of Disaster, and Melbourne has moved into a stage four lock down.

Australia to acquire long-range missiles as PM warns of dangerous post-Covid-19 world.

It’s important that businesses have a plan to keep their workforce and customers safe and virus free. Operating in a covidsafe economy.

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