But herpesviruses are unique. A simple kiss from the grandparents can deliver the virus, which will make its way into the nervous system to make more copies of the virus.

Cloning involves the synthesis of DNA from mRNA.  Making DNA from RNA: reversal of the central dogma. Covid-19 vaccine success kicks off mRNA revolution.

Whether cloned viruses will ultimately help quash the current pandemic is anyone’s guess. As for the research-bioterrorism dual-use problem, we don’t have an answer. However, the use of cloned deadly viruses is increasingly championed as a way to battle outbreaks, whether we’re comfortable and ready or not.

The virus is not through with us yet. The virus has only one job. And that’s to replicate itself, and to go from person to person to person. It doesn’t care which person. In Zwitserland gekloond coronavirus gaat viraal.  

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