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Why do we change the clocks, anyway? Readers weigh in on daylight saving time. Einde aan het twee keer per jaar verzetten van de klok?

World celebrates Christmas 2021. A giant sand sculpture of Santa Claus appeared on the beach at Bay of Bengal in India’s eastern Odisha state.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that a whole-of-society approach is needed to ensure success in the fight against the pandemic. 

Ultimately a political vision that is not constrained by human nature is like an architectural vision that is not constrained by physics.

Dat het volkomen vanzelfsprekend is dat het gas altijd aangaat en het licht altijd werkt, heeft er wellicht ook toe geleid dat we niet al eerder hebben geïnvesteerd in alternatieven.

All the old vices – from sex to gambling to drugs – are quickly becoming legal, as both society and the criminal justice system rethink their values.

The work of speech synthesis has improved massively in recent years, thanks to advances in machine learning

When everything is said and done, when the jeering online commenters drift away and the anger dissipates, all that is left is sadness. He was full of regret.

Some of those sitting out the shot are adamantly opposed to the vaccine while others claim to still be on the fence. Who’s refusing Covid-19 vaccinations and why?

 If companies want more of their workforce vaccinated, mandates might be the clearest, legally protected option over rewards and penalties.

With current measures, even by the admission of its own health experts, Iran will be experiencing a sixth wave, a seventh, and more.

The truth of our vulnerability, our capacity to wound and be wounded by others. What I learned from an unlikely friendship with an anti-masker.

Muslims around the world are observing another major Islamic holiday in the shadow of the pandemic and amid growing concerns about the highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus.

Before the pandemic, the 4-day workweek was a pipe dream. Now, it’s quickly gaining popularity.

Door de uitspraak van de Raad van State van vorige week kunnen (dure) panden probleemloos worden omgebouwd tot studentenhuis. De vraag naar kamers blijft groot.

What we want is equality of opportunity, and redress for those born into unfortunate circumstances, but politics demands considerations of merit if good governance is to be achieved. Black Lives matter and identity politics.

In de vorm van enkele gestolde verhalen en herinneringen zal de corona crisis uiteindelijk de meeste impact krijgen op onze toekomstige maatschappij. De VOC en de mensen in de zorg.

Covid-19 has magnified disparities, in life expectancy, population aging and fertility across society’s haves and have-nots. It takes a dire global demographic toll.

With Spain set to test a four-day work week in response to the coronavirus pandemic, experts have said it could signify a more permanent shift in attitudes on our work-life balance

Het leven was in het afgelopen jaar eigenlijk een snelkookpan in een grootschalige testomgeving om onze mentaliteit en prioriteiten bij te stellen. Niet alleen op persoonlijk vlak, maar voor de samenleving als geheel.

Attitudes changed, jobs changed, lives changed… for good. One year on, here are some of the stories of lasting marks left by the circuit breaker.

Serbia’s vaccine success story with the help of China and Russia will have strong geopolitical repercussions and are likely to cement a long-term Russian and Chinese presence in the region.

The global rise of anti-lockdown protests and what to do about it.

Working multilaterally, we can beat the pandemic, or we will struggle with it for years to come.

Examining the gender-responsiveness of organisations activities on Covid-19. Gender equality: Flying blind in a time of crisis.

The elephant in the Zoom today was Big Pharma’s patents, which are preventing most countries from producing the vaccines they need.

The flowering of literally millions of initiatives that involve people working together. Organising social justice at a neighbourhood level.  Change must start outside your front door, if you are lucky enough to have one.

A society of rule-breakers can get on board with tighter procedures if they know there’s an end in sight. New Zealand Kiwis are famously loose, but they enacted some of the world’s strictest measures early on and tamed their rule-breaking spirit, limiting Covid-19 deaths to just 25.

Chi, or humility, means the quality of being humble, the quality of not thinking that you are better than other people.

Eerst moeten de vaccins hun werk kunnen doen en moet onze samenleving herstellen van de socio-economische opdoffer.

We asked our correspondents around the world to share stories they have run across this year that speak to the strength of the human spirit, and to the way that disruption can bring out the best in us.

As deadly as Covid-19 has been for those who have caught it, the pandemic could prove even more devastating for the institutions and services that make up the civic sphere.

Nobody wanted to modify or shut down the holiday season, but we’re at a very critical time. We’ve got to not walk away from the facts and the data. This is tough going for all of us (Nederland Kerst 2020).

The new rules of Covid19 etiquette: be awkward, not rude. She and four How to be polite, even in a pandemic.

The goal is to get as many people through the winter as possible without getting sick. Keeping the infection rate low is important, because that’s what will allow us to push the virus into the ground as quickly as possible once we have the vaccine in hand.

As the weather gets colder, many Americans have no idea whether hanging out with other people inside is risky. That’s a big problem.

In theorie worden we door een spirituele training wijze mensen die boven hun privébelangen uitstijgen, zich verbonden voelen met anderen en niet oordelen.

De coronamaatregelen raken jongeren bovengemiddeld in hun identiteitsontwikkeling. Wij hebben die stappen al achter de rug: onze vriendschappen zijn al gevormd en onze sociale contacten worden minder geraakt als we thuis zitten.

Bij jongeren zien we verlies van perspectief. De jeugdwerkloosheid kan volgens het CPB oplopen tot 20 procent. Dat vraagt om nieuw beleid waarin de discussie uit de jaren tachtig over ontwikkelbanen weer terug kan keren.

Nearly half of Americans say they’ve established social bubbles of people they can trust to follow the rules for minimizing the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Een kleine vier maanden en een intelligente lockdown verder bevinden we ons nu in een anderhalvemetersamenleving. We moeten begrijpen dat het níet normaal is als je geen afscheid van naasten mag nemen.

Er is een natuurkundige wet die stelt dat de energiebehoefte van een systeem exponentieel groeit naarmate dat systeem complexer wordt. De samenleving is onbeheersbaar, wen er maar aan.

Het recht op demonstreren kun je niet zomaar weggooien. Als je een beetje creatief bent, kun je het recht op demonstreren en de volksgezondheid verenigen.


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