Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Go viral helps protect you against Covid-19 misinformation. You’ll learn about some of the most common ways false and misleading information about the virus are spread.

Nee, het coronavaccin maakt je niet onvruchtbaar en nog vier coronaverhalen die de prullenbak in kunnen.

Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t say the government planned the pandemic. Also, asking Alexa did not elicit the answer. The Simpsons did not predict COVID-19.

Why are people drawn to medical myths? Common medical questions, misconceptions, health and diet fads and conspiracy theories. 

Yuval Noah Harari explained to Rashida and me how homo sapiens’ ability to create myths and fictions is the very thing that has enabled us to create communities.

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) advice for the public: Mythbusters

Doctors blamed leaders like President Trump for amplifying fringe theories, the social media platforms for not doing enough to stamp out false information and individuals for being too quick to believe.

Poultry eggs are contaminated with coronavirus and drinking bleach may kill the virus.

Don’t contribute to the spread of misinformation.  So check the source of your source. Find the original source of the information and make sure it’s one you can trust.

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