Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Why genetic sequencing is key to tracking Covid-19. Know thine enemy! What happens when sequencers find a variant? How does sequencing help against Covid-19?

You can’t fix what you don’t measure is a maxim in the business world. And it holds true in the world of public health as well. Bring the current pandemic under control and be able to respond to future pandemics.

People rely on proteins for just about every bodily function. mRNA, which stands for messenger ribonucleic acid, tells our cells which proteins to make. 

New variants of Covid-19 could threaten progress we’ve made over the past year. Here are five things you should know if you want to understand how variants are (and aren’t) complicating the pandemic.

If we want to completely wipe out the virus, we need to consider the possibility of transmission between animals and humans.

Instead of injecting the actual pathogen, the vaccine presents the body with instructions, via RNA, on how to create the protein unique to the pathogen by itself in order to fight malaria.

New Israeli drug cured 29 of 30 moderate/serious Covid-19 cases in days. Protein called CD24 fights the cytokine storm.

Identify a key viral protein and figure out how to attach ubiquitin to it. The cell would then take care of the rest, digesting the viral protein and thus blocking the production of any useful viruses in that cell.

Dieren met alle 25 aminozuren die we ook bij mensen aantreffen hebben naar verwachting de grootste kans om sars-cov-2 via ace2 op te lopen

Het coronavirus komt in vele gedaanten. Sommigen krijgen een loopneus en anderen worden doodziek. Hoe kan dat? Het lijkt een macaber spel van genen, leefstijl, het afweersysteem, leefomstandigheden en onderliggende ziekten.

The part of the immune response that can target germs precisely and provide long-term protection is called the adaptive immune response. Two types of white blood cell are important in this: T cells and B cells. These cells work together to orchestrate a targeted immune response. But the way they recognise and deal with germs is different.

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