Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The global dominance of the U.S. dollar and the critical role American banks play in the international financial system. What are personal sanctions?

More than 96% of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone. Providing WHO’s Covid-19 information to the next billion digital users, including vaccines, in their languages.

Epidemic control workers, using a gong and a loudspeaker, urge people to take nucleic acid tests for Covid-19. The bellmann from the middle ages.

Als er al een trend is in crisiscommunicatie, dan is het dat crises als ballonnen zijn geworden. Eenmaal opgeblazen lopen ze heel snel leeg.

A looming concern for streaming services: a shortage of quality translators who can handle an increasingly global audience.

NFTs have the ability to create a two-way dialogue between creators and fans.

CRISPR are bits of genetic code that bacteria have evolved to locate and destroy viruses. Using it as a toolbox system.

Two new AI models out this week show the power of artificial intelligence to read text, write it — and even convert it into computer code. How we’ll communicate and work in the future.

Mensen die een cliënt ondersteuner aan hun zijde hebben, geven aan dat ze ontlast worden als er iemand met ze meedenkt en weet welke wetten en regels er gelden, zeker bij complexe zorgvragen

No one is there to tell us exactly what is safe and what is not. People need to interpret the information in the context of their own lives. Safety is not binary, not either safe or unsafe.

Communicating to the public in a way they will act on it is sometimes not as simple: interest spikes in health crisis communication.

Fear about the safety of the vaccine, that’s causing unnecessary drama just as the vaccine effort is finally picking up speed.

If the vaccine regulators are out of step with their communities’ values, transparency will enable them to calibrate. We need to talk about the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Voor een productief gesprek is het beter om vragen te stellen, te zoeken naar beweegredenen van anderen voor een bepaalde opvatting of een zeker gedrag gedeelde grond. Anders denken begint met anders praten.

The dynamic signals a foundational misstep of all communication breakdowns: Not listening. How does one begin to listen differently? 

Willem Feenstra volgde een jaar lang vijf leden van het Outbreak Management Team (OMT). Zij vertellen over de politieke en maatschappelijke druk, bedreigingen en verhitte onderlinge discussies.

Wil je als overheid dat vaccinatie een vrije keuze is? Dan is het belangrijk om mensen objectieve informatie aan te reiken en uit te stralen dat iedereen zelf zijn keuze kan afwegen.

Operators of social media platforms bear great responsibility for political communication not being poisoned by hatred, by lies and by incitement to violence. German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers Trump’s eviction from Twitter by the company problematic

To cut through the abundance of information about the virus and recent Covid-19 vaccine developments, we need clear, reliable messages delivered through direct and engaging platforms.

Simplification of the pandemic is a familiar response, one can anticipate the further emergence of vaccines as a populist trope in the coming months.

We need a national strategy. We need a national conductor that brings all of those disparate elements together so that we can get a harmonious approach.

First, societies rarely panic. And second, widespread fear and anxiety happen when people don’t have enough information.

Face coverings can muffle sound. They can also hide important clues about the speaker’s message and emotions

What is happening, what to do, how to do it, where to find information and who’s doing what. Once that ‘what’ is out, then the ‘why’ can be integrated in. About crisis and emergency risk communication

Communication is key to healing and embodies the art of medicine.

The key is to confront the most brutal facts of reality unflinchingly, while maintaining an unwavering hope for the future. This is called the Stockdale paradox. Four ways to help those around you be better informed about the pandemic.

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