Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Vaccinated people and governments fight to contain the pandemic face off against those continuing to refuse the vaccine. 

Draghi’s success will not just be to Italy’s benefit. If his economic reforms yield positive results, the Italian case can provide a road map for deeper European integration.

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have launched a not for profit organization in Italy to help Italian bars, cafes and restaurants who have struggled during the pandemic.

Belangrijke vinger in de pap bij de innovatie, ecologische transitie en digitalisering (100 miljard) heeft het gloednieuwe Ministerie van Ecologische Transitie.

The new prime minister is leveraging his European relationships and his solid reputation to make Italy a force on the continent in a way it has not been in decades. Whatever it Takes!

Pressured by a senior WHO official to hide the fact that Italy had not updated its pandemic plan since 2006.

Drinking coffee in Italy, how the modern espresso came into being and how that shaped Italy’s culture and identity.

Ora vi saluto tutti, Buonasera / Chi sopravviverà lo vedremo in Primavera.

Het voordeel van medische dronebezorging is dat het transport veel sneller is dan over de weg.

The pandemic persuaded Italians to overcome their reluctance to online shopping and Amazon.

Wat volgens hem het verschil maakt, is dat de lockdown maatregelen in Italië veel langer van kracht bleven.

Andrea Crisanti: lock down the village, test everybody, and isolate the positives. It really works. And if you don’t know something just say it openly. People need to know the truth.

Er is na de Tweede Wereldoorlog massaal kunst en illegaal opgegraven archeologische bodemvondsten in Italië gestolen. Italië is vermoedelijk het land met het hoogste cultuurbezit ter wereld. Het staat nummer een op de lijst van werelderfgoed van de Unesco.

Leaders have been asked fundamental questions about the purpose of the European project when states fail to come to each other’s aid at the darkest times. This weekend the EU’s 27 heads of state and government will meet in Brussels for the first time in person for five months to try to plot a way forward.

Greener attitudes will help fragile destinations to live on – and allow masterpieces such as Venice to survive for generations to come.

Italy’s first homegrown case was recorded Feb. 21, at a time when the World Health Organization was still insisting the virus was containable and not nearly as infectious as the flu.

So, I will try to convey what we are experiencing in Bergamo during these days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Being socially responsible.

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