Covid-19 Christmas in a French ICU: Fear, fatigue and loving care.

De Gaulle provided the blueprint for advanced, industrial societies in search of vitality. The state of to-morrow.

Frankrijk heeft Nederland ingehaald als het om vaccineren gaat, met dank aan de coronapas. Ruim 80 procent is inmiddels gevaccineerd.

Thousands of people have protested in Paris and other French cities over a mandatory coronavirus health pass for entry to many public venues.

The pandemic has not fundamentally rearranged the world’s geopolitical fault lines. But it has heightened threats and demonstrated, clearly, the need for international cooperation.

During the first wave, staff were quite willing to venture into the unknown. This time, the atmosphere is not the same. The staff are less willing, they don’t want to relive it all.

The singularity of this pagnolism is mainly in the baroque and unusual alliance between two [rival] local politicians and a microbiologist.

The folk memory of La Grande Peste of 1720, when one of Europe’s last outbreaks of bubonic plague wiped out half the city’s population, remains strong. The plague dead are commemorated with street names and statues. 

Smooching is back on film sets as cinemas reopen in France, L’Amour is in the air again!

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