Wednesday, March 29, 2023

A third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is now advancing swiftly across much of Europe.

De derde golf: zo ziet de lente eruit volgens het RIVM.

Unless we see massive behavioral change, we are going to see January and February 2021 lockdowns.

As long as social distancing measures were in place the system could cope – but once measures were relaxed, the imported infections spread rapidly. It’s a lesson for everybody.

As Covid-19 cases rise again, how are countries in Europe reacting?

Als je twee keer getest bent met verkoudheidsklachten en het was negatief, wil dat niet zeggen dat het de derde keer ook negatief is.

When you look at the huge epidemics that unfolded in Argentina, the big epidemics that occurred in Chile, the epidemics in Southern Brazil and South Africa and contrast them with what was happening in the Northern hemisphere, we see a very strong correlation with seasonality.

Europe is bracing for a second wave of coronavirus as continuing outbreaks raise the prospect of reimposed restrictions at a time when millions of people are travelling across the continent for their summer holidays.

Het aantal bevestigde besmettingen bedraagt wereldwijd inmiddels meer dan 14 miljoen. Het werkelijke aantal ligt hoger, omdat lang niet iedereen wordt getest.

The first wave of the coronavirus is not over. The future shape of the pandemic will be decided both by human action, in the form of social distancing, testing and other traditional methods of disease control, but also several unanswered questions about the nature of the virus itself.

Doch kaum einer kann abschätzen, wie die Situation im Herbst und Winter sein wird. Die Warn-App sieht der Wissenschaftler positiv, in den Schuloffnungen sieht er aber ein Risiko.

Het is heel waarschijnlijk, dat wanneer we minder rekening houden met de maatregelen, we snel een tweede golf krijgen. En misschien ook wel groter dan de eerste.

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