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There will also be ripple effects elsewhere because of the interconnectedness between Shanghai and other regions of China.

So what happens if you don’t actually have a labor shortage? Tesla is prioritizing development of a robot.

China’s cultural confidence has started to influence young people’s consumption choices. Belief in an emerging economic and political superpower.

The dollar is heading into a precarious year of uncertainty, volatility and moments of existential dread.

Headlines about rising wages for frontline workers often obscure the reality that wage levels are still low. Main reason they are thinking about quitting.

A sense of gratitude can make consumption satisfying. Creativity and consumption make up two sides of our daily lives.  A new consumer culture is currently taking form. 

The global supply chain has struggled against the backdrop of rising demand, labor shortages and manufacturing delays. From ‘just in time’  to ‘just in case‘.

A pandemic-driven shortage of parts and labor has combined with a congested transport system to create an inflationary spike, with shipping rates doubling. The supply chain crisis.

Additional stimulus measures, especially monetary easing, are likely to yield an increasingly unfavorable trade-off between short-term benefits and longer-term vulnerabilities.

Real reform has to come from WTO member governments back in the capitals before anything can be done at the WTO in Geneva.

The platform work model is reshaping entire economies, sectors, lifestyles, and livelihoods. Gig workers are uncertain and scared.

Indigenous peoples are the holders of a vast diversity of unique cultures, traditions, languages and knowledge systems. 

Botswana is paying $29 per dose for Moderna vaccines ($15 for Sinovac). The actual cost of production is $1.20 per dose.

Faced with an unprecedented shock to demand and supply, economies could wear it and bounce back. The question I want to address is: who should get the credit?

The fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to put the brakes on South Korea’s economic recovery, darkening the nation’s growth outlook.

What is the creator economy? The class of businesses built by over 50 million independent content creators to help them with growth and monetization.

As major companies are also entering the market to add diversity, design patent applications for pet and plant products that incorporate new technology will continue to be filed.

We will put our money into hydrogen, microelectronics, cloud and data processing. EU’s endorsement to three member states post-pandemic recovery plan.

A permanent shift in where we live and work, access to fresh sources of capital through fintech, ubiquitous cheap technology and dogged determination. An eruption of startups not seen in decades.

Just like your friend’s Covid-19 delayed wedding, the Fed’s interest rate hikes finally have a date. Fed boosts inflation projections, signals rate hike in 2023. Kent u die grap over de staatsschuldencrisis?

The unprecedented demand for Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing worldwide has led to a shortage of key supplies, including glass vials, plastic filters, and the raw materials needed to make them.

China has signalled a crack down on excessive speculation that is pushing up the price of raw materials including iron ore and copper, amid mounting concerns over rapid growth in inflation.

 When goodbye hugs make a comeback and the rate of inflation hits its highest level in almost 13 years. The land of funny money.

Here are seven things you can expect to pay more for as the economy recovers, plus three things that will cost you less.

We can automate intelligence to operate at the speed of light. It will completely revolutionized agriculture, food production, health care, manufacturing, logistics, customer care and transportation.

A global tax of 2% on fortunes over €10 million would raise ten times as much: €1,000 billion per year, or 1% of global GDP, which could be allocated to each country in proportion to its population.

It puts climate at the center of everything. It is more worried about political risks, losing the House, giving Donald Trump a path back to power, than wasting money and bumping up inflation.

She worried what Amazon’s fees would mean for her already-thin profit margins. And she also liked that Google redirected people to her carefully curated website rather than keeping them inside its own store.

Every crisis is different, and so is every recovery. There could also be global aftershocks resulting in a W-shaped recovery. But we should heed the lesson from history that emerging from a deep recession is never smooth sailing.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is like a fellow who goes into a bar without any money, and orders a drink. When the barkeeper brings the check, he orders another drink. That can go on for quite some time, but not forever.

These factors contribute to a desire for shorter supply chains, that is, the sourcing of goods from places closer to home, which cuts shipping time and helps minimise the impact of interruptions. To grow or make what its citizens need.

Investors have begun to fear an inflationary spiral, reflected in the spike in government debt yields. Janet Yellen played down such fears seeing only a small risk of inflation.

Now we need to learn how the vaccine operates and how the virus works. Economic and social wellbeing and protection from Covid-19 go hand-in-hand.

The arrival of Covid-19 vaccines promises a return to more normal life and has created a global market worth tens of billions of dollars in annual sales for some pharmaceutical companies.

The marketplace feature expands on LinkedIn’s ProFinder by allowing customers to shop around for services, compare rates, and post service reviews. 

As payment platforms across businesses, consumers, trade, and labor are digitized, those with the most customers and the biggest network effects will power national economic growth.

Ease of transmission, new strains, limits of vaccination programs all mean Covid-19 will be around for years and a big business.

Aggressive ventilation sucks away smoke and airborne pathogens quickly. 

Bracelets, rings, key fobs and watches that double as credit or debit cards are enjoying a burst of popularity as Covid-19 wary consumers gravitate toward contactless payments.

This is a very, very bad look of remdesivir for the FDA, and the dealings between Gilead and EU make it another layer of badness.

The EU economy shrank at the end of 2020. The failure to get vaccines to their citizens could create a political backlash.

Retail, public administration and mining were among sectors that were booming. The economy has been moving more towards the service based economy.

Countries are relying on effective immunizations to save lives and revive businesses. The World Bank’s projection for 4% growth this year depends on widespread deployment of vaccines. Surging Covid-19 cases and a delay to the delivery of inoculations, however, could limit expansion to just 1.6%.

The central, befuddling economic reality of the United States at the close of 2020 is that everything is terrible in the world, while everything is wonderful in the financial markets.

Each month, we crunch the numbers to get a snapshot of where the virus is being handled the most effectively with the least social and economic disruption.

For the first time since the pandemic began, there is now hope for a brighter future.

The coronavirus has been ferociously beating our door, threatening us and is at the edge of breaking in, referring to the transmission of virus through international freight and cold-chain imports.

As pandemic-fatigued countries around the world struggle to cope with second and third waves of coronavirus, corporate tax abuse and private tax evasion marking a giant leap forward in tax transparency.

Empty stores are turning into fulfillment centers and the market for warehouse space is booming, as the pandemic rockets the retail industry into its e-commerce future.

The pandemic has simultaneously exposed the costs of a deeply unequal world and shown the possibilities for radical action. The iron law of tax changes is that the losers scream.

A regional network of fast lanes of personnel exchanges and green lanes of logistics to ensure the stable and smooth running of industrial and supply chains.

Both exhibitors and traders had imagined the worst amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, with many foreign executives unable to travel to the CIIE. Those who managed to arrive found it much better than anticipated.

Surprise Covid-19 and PPE fees have turned up across the country, in bills.

It’s also why everyone needs to get to grips with exponentiality, and with the idea that sparing the economy is a false economy. We have to contain the virus. All the alternatives are worse.

Anyone will buy anything online, given the right experience, and if your retail model is based on being an end-point to a logistics chain then you have an existential problem.

Burma Bites is an example of working alongside a restaurant to find new ways for our partnerships to adapt to the new normal.

Online shopping has exploded during the pandemic and the holidays are approaching.

Covid-19 Essentials may be the country’s first retail chain dedicated solely to products required because of an infectious disease.

Build an international economy which can give people a sense of security and control over their lives, shift the balance back from creditors to debtors, from the market to the public sector, from capital to labour.

Digital Euro: Lagarde said the pandemic has caused many structural changes including the way we work, we trade, and we pay.

Now is the time to buckle down and start writing holiday gift pages and content on new products. Planning your social media promotion and analytics. You can never start too early when your online business depends on the holiday season.

These individuals were hailed as heroes during the Covid-19 outbreak for their continuous work despite the health risks. The danger is that algorithms are opaque to the public.

The collision of three unprecedented events — the pandemic, its economic toll and an uprising against racial injustice — is causing an extraordinary level of angst among workers.

But as hard as it is to imagine right now when we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, climate change has the potential to be even more devastating.

Department stores, on a long decline because of the shift toward online retail, could be replaced by Amazon fulfillment centers, delivering products to customers who don’t go to the mall much anymore.

Ultimately, Covid-19 puts more fuel in the tank for automation. That means that many of the jobs disappearing now may never return.

There are several ways the coronavirus pandemic affects the economy, especially SMEs, on both the supply and demand sides.

Doctors, nurses and hospitals have experienced a greater increase in consumer trust and confidence than any other industry during the coronavirus pandemic


Clearly, this is a ‘whatever-it-takes’ moment for large-scale, outside-the-box fiscal and monetary policies.

Lockdown and distancing saving lives, but carry…

A fast recovery, however, depends on having the pandemic recede.

Read Paul Krugman (NYT) opinion.

Reopen is the word on almost every American’s lips, despite apocalyptic warnings from public health experts. Without a strategy, the country could face its darkest winter.

Read the Los Angeles Times opinion

When we cautiously return to normalcy, there will be a natural tendency to play the blame game about the reality that our economic system was not well positioned to absorb the effects of the pandemic without an enormous corporate bailout

Investments in infrastructure, innovation and worker training

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