Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I was once a hardcore anti-vaxxer. Now I try to nudge people to get the Covid-19 vaccine. How do we get anti-vaxxers to vaccinate?

Mercola is the pioneer of the anti-vaccine movement. He’s a master of capitalizing on periods of uncertainty, like the pandemic, to grow his movement.

The vast majority of Covid-19 anti-vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories originated from just 12 people.

It’s not like most beliefs are arrived at through some sort of pure logic. The world is not a bunch of Spocks running around deducing everything. t’s just not how people operate. Belief in conspiracy theories is surprisingly common. 

We are being manipulated, without a shadow of a doubt! Who are the people who have come to follow wild conspiracy theories about Covid-19?

This conspiracy imagines that a global elite is using Covid-19 as an opportunity to roll out radical policies such as forced vaccinations, digital ID cards and the renunciation of private property.

In dit nieuw magazine is de pandemie maar schijn (podcast).

In less than a day, Nhung’s Instagram account had ten thousand new followers and many of them were attacking her.

Of neem de coronacrisis. Een groot deel van de wereld ging in lockdown, veel zekerheden zijn weggevallen en er wordt geregeerd per nooddecreet.

QAnon, the sprawling conspiracy theory that includes a vast galaxy of false claims involving everything from coronavirus to 5G to e-commerce, is seen by the FBI as a domestic terror threat. For its many followers, it’s a great deal of fun.

Een van de regels bij reclame is: Negatieve aandacht is ook aandacht. Het maakte dat wij thuis rustig nog eens konden uitleggen waarom die spelregels van het RIVM zo belangrijk zijn en dat we voorlopig nog niet van het virus verlost zijn.

Pandemic: how the debunked movie by discredited researcher Judy Mikovits went viral

It looks legit, Read The Guardian

Appeals to people with the greatest attraction to conspiracy thinking of any kind, and that appeal crosses ideological lines.

Binge-watching conspiracy-theory videos…Read The Atlantic

Laboratory, market, faeces, aerosol, humans…

Leading Korean Coronavirus Expert Reacts To COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories 

It had been created by the deep state!
Bill Gates

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