Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The real politick of this comes down to the costs of fixing the altimeters, just like the wheelchairs, hearing aids and the pacemakers.

So what are we seeing today that might be the next big world-changing trend? 5G appears to be a game-changer, a great place to invest $1,000 right now.

A smarter city can be a more sustainable and livable one, but connecting where we live carries privacy threats as well as the risks of more disruptive cyberattacks.

Enterprise applications are a game-changer because the low latency and higher data transmission capacity make possible a whole range of new technologies.

A tactical humanitarian operations response vehicle! A 5G-enabled swiss army knife on wheels.

5G networks that run factories, warehouses, ports and urban transportation can increase productivity tenfold or more. China appears to have an impressive head start.

5G als helpende hand in transport, zorg en landbouw. We willen bedrijven versterken en innovaties aanjagen.

Looking today at India’s announcement on 5G trials and exclusion of Chinese telecom firms and comments on politics, cold war, oxygen, masks, economics, Covid-19 supplies and the border.

The report urges China to utilize its technological advantage in 5G to continue staying ahead. To prepare for this future arm race, American companies have started setting 6G standards while the European Union is funding a 6G research project.

5G is dusdanig snel dat er tientallen tot honderden apparaten aan te sluiten zijn op één enkele verbinding. Echter, de grote voordelen zullen de komende jaren pas komen.

The volume of the digital economy in east China’s Jiangsu Province hit 4 trillion yuan (around $600 billion) in 2019, accounting for over 40 percent of the province’s GDP.

Digitalisering wordt niet alleen ingezet om de samenleving en economie draaiende te houden.

ICT is aan het verdwijnen als zelfstandige sector, de technologie gaat op in de samenleving. Agentschap Telecom moet zich daarom verdiepen in kunstmatige intelligentie, slimme energienetwerken en zelfrijdende auto’s.

Bij verdere digitalisering met 5G zou het burgerbelang hoog in het vaandel moeten staan. Waarbij de mededingingsregels strikter en breder dan louter per land of in de EU zouden moeten worden toegepast.

The energy is beamed between two points, point to point. There’s absolutely nothing around it. No waves, no radiation, no impact. Unlike 5G for example, 5G spreads everywhere.

5G‘s low latency, speed and high bandwidth helps to create the factory of the future, enhancing capabilities like machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR).

COVID-19 has shed light on a number of problems with China’s public health emergency response system. We should reflect on potential approaches to building and running so-called smart cities and how best to bring 5G, big data, AI, and other technologies together to better serve communities.

Smart Cities, 5 G, Data and Artificial Intelligence

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