Wednesday, March 29, 2023

EVALI patients were involved in viral infections, which indicates that they could have had Covid-19.

It provides further evidence for vaping being a risk factor for Covid-19 and can help us understand how to prevent and mitigate infection in this population

Smokers and vegetarians were found to have lower seropositivity indicating that they may be at a lesser risk of getting infected by coronavirus.

While most of us strive to avoid inhaling aerosols that could harbor a deadly virus, millions of teens and young adults are deliberately bathing their lungs in aerosols. I’m referring to vaping (or “juuling”).

Vaping marijuana and nicotine has increased dramatically among 19- to 22-year-olds in and out of college as the perception of harmful heath risks decline.

Teens and young adults may have a heightened risk of Covid-19 if they vape or smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smokers are seven times more likely to be infected with sars-cov-2. Meanwhile, people who vape are five times more likely to be diagnosed with the viral infection.

The magnitude of association observed for current smoking, with odds of infection reduced by about a half in smokers, suggests a genuine protective effect of smoking on the risk of COVID-19.

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