Wednesday, March 29, 2023

What the truck is going on in Ottawa?  The police chief has called the situation a siege, the premier an occupation and the mayor declared a state of emergency. A grassroots’ rebellion.

Farm laborers and builders could lose billions of dollars in earnings each year as extreme heat makes it difficult for them to work outdoors safely.

While we were busy concerning ourselves with global threats such as war and climate change and viruses, it seems we neglected to pay attention to the rise of the hogs.

A grave emergency or real risk of harming people. Four ethical conditions must be met to justify coercive policies like vaccine or mask mandates.

How 9/11 unfolded for George W Bush, from the multiple prayer breaks to the anti-anthrax pills and the vow to kick ass before he knew whose ass to kick.

The Doomsday Clock is now set—and properly, in my view—at 100 seconds to midnight. Einstein: everything has changed, save the way we think.

How to stay cool and safe in a heat wave. As temperatures reach record highs, here’s guidance on coping with extreme heat.

Our attention to suicide prevention is even more important now, after many months living with the Covid-19 pandemic with many of the risk factors for suicide still very much present.

Wekelijks krijgen ongeveer driehonderd mensen een hartstilstand buiten het ziekenhuis. Veel mensen weten niet hoe ze moeten reageren. Jongeren dienen de basis en het ritme van het reanimeren onder de knie krijgen.

The oxygen emergency task force: don’t put all your eggs into one basket in a pandemic, referring to vaccines. It’s a high-risk strategy.

What has led to the difficulties in accessing medical oxygen in many parts of the world, including in India?  

The coronavirus pandemic has been used as grounds to block journalists’ access to information sources and reporting in the field.

The Global Trends Report is an example of strategic foresight, using past and present trends to produce different scenarios about the medium- and longer-term future.

The struggle to dislodge it is now turning the world’s attention to the work of SMIT Salvage, a legendary Dutch company whose employees parachute themselves from one ship wreckage to the next, saving vessels often during violent storms.

If you would want the shock paddles? If you would want the chest compressions to circulate the blood? Has anyone ever asked you before what you would want done if your heart stopped.

On top of the coronavirus pandemic, there are currently other smaller outbreaks around the globe. Some with pandemic potential.

Imagine again the worst-case scenario: what would you do if democracies and totalitarian states were really engaged in biological warfare, or virus warfare, the deliberate spread of an epidemic to an enemy?

We need to think about oxygen as much as we think about electricity, water or other essential utilities.

You can now buy a Covid-19 test. Just like you would a can of Coke or a bag of M&M’s. Vending machines have been dispensing RT-PCR saliva tests. For travelers, this is good timing.

Covid-19 is a true killer. To judge from the damage to their hearts, lungs, and brains, many survivors will be permanently crippled. The world must be vaccinated. There is no time to lose.

As the catastrophic experience of Covid-19 spurs measures to reduce the risk of future pandemics, prioritising action on the climate crisis will be critical to achieving that goal.

The basic lessons of epidemiology: clear communication, quarantines, border controls, aggressive testing and contact tracing.

Als vanwege een tweede golf van het coronavirus weer cohort-afdelingen worden opgezet, wil de helft van de verpleegkundigen die op zo’n afdeling heeft gewerkt daar niet meer werken. 

The striking decline in ED visits nationwide, with the highest declines in regions where the pandemic was most severe in April 2020, suggests that the pandemic has altered the use of the ED by the public.

It is critically important to know how COVID-19 affects surgical outcomes. 

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